Industrial & Material Science

Industrial & Material Science

Beyond Sea Logistics provides total solutions for a wide range of industrial and chemical products across a wide spectrum of sectors – industrial chemicals, construction and building materials, machinery and parts, consumer chemicals and more.
In collaboration with producers, suppliers and end users, our professional team provide solutions include logistics analysis, consultancy and design, logistics process optimization, from origin to destination and in total compliance with international standards

Dangerous Goods Logistics

We provide fully-licensed warehousing and distribution services including dangerous goods handling, license application and transportation for industrial and consumer chemicals. We can also assist in optimizing distribution through consolidation and deconsolidation to meet the specific requirement of your business

Lubricating Oil Logistics

Our professional lubricant oil logistics services range from marine delivery by both owned and operated barges to offshore operations: warehousing and distribution, and decanting from ISO tanks to IBC tanks.

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